Terms and Conditions

Field Worker Terms and Conditions 

Definitions: In these Terms and Conditions of Appointment, "we", "our", "ourselves" and "us" shall mean ECO Approach Ltd, "You" or "fieldworker" shall mean the person accepting the commission from us and with which the contract has been entered into. "The Contract shall mean this contract". 

If any changes are made in these Terms and Conditions you will be notified in writing beforehand. 

The Agreement 
This Contract is offered to carry out Energy Performance Certificates, EICRs and related property services. We are unable to guarantee a minimum number of appointments since this is likely to vary from area to area. 

1 General 
Any property service you carry out for us shall: 

Require a full internal and external inspection, in accordance with guidelines specified by a reputable accreditation scheme. 
A "full survey" is: the completion of all relevant sections of the EPC, EICR or related property service, the uploading of the data and the production of a valid certificate. Any survey that is not a "full survey", as described above will, for the purposes of payment and all other matters, be a "non-survey." No payment will be made for "non-surveys". 
It will be incumbent on the Fieldworker to make site notes and take photographs as required to provide a record for future reference and to upload the completed information required to produce the energy certificate, EICR or other certificate. You hereby agree to keep copies of site notes and photographs and to allow audit of these by ECO Approach Ltd from time to time as required by ECO Approach Ltd and to give irrevocable authority that these site notes and photographs will be provided to ECO Approach Ltd as necessary in relation to any claim or dispute arising out of the survey. You also agree to provide any reasonable further assistance required by ECO Approach Ltd to deal with, manage or defend any claims as a result of carrying out the survey at no cost to ECO Approach Ltd. 
You will be required to: 
Notify us within 24 hours if you are not able to carry out an property survey.
Have access to the internet, for the purposes of updating the ECO Approach Ltd website with details of your work and for downloading and reading any messages and instructions 
Notify us immediately if there is a change in your circumstances which may affect your "availability" or your ability to undertake appointments. This would include changes in your home address or place of work, which would affect the location of your allocated surveys. We would also ask that this notification also extends to any holidays you might intend to take, where these comprise more than 3 consecutive days. This is to allow us to make allowances for your absence and maintain the smooth running of the survey throughout. 
Notify us immediately, should you change your e-mail address(es) or contact telephone addresses, to enable us to update our records and ensure that effective communications between us are maintained throughout. 
Within the limits you specify, attend the survey address at the appointment time you have made with the client, and attend any subsequent visits, where these prove necessary. 
In the event of the appointment being broken by the occupant, you will attend a re-arranged appointment when arranged. 
Except at the express request of the occupier, you must not call at the survey address, in any attempt to gain access, before 09.00 or after 21.00 each day. 
You must not carry out any survey unless with the permission of the occupier and in his or her presence or, where the property is vacant, the owner or his Agent. In the case of vacant premises, the permission of the owner/Agent to view the property, unaccompanied by that owner/Agent will be deemed to satisfy this part of the Contract. No survey may be carried out where the only occupier present is either under the age of 18 or is unable to understand the purpose of your presence. 
You will act in a professional way at all times and will dress and otherwise conduct yourself in a manner commensurate with the importance of the commission. You will also faithfully represent the aims and objectives of the survey, and shall not seek to misrepresent the survey in any way. 
If, during the course of a survey, you detect a defect or situation which, in your professional opinion, is of IMMEDIATE risk to the Health and Safety of the occupier(s) or to others who may have cause to visit the premises, you must immediately draw the matter to the attention of the occupier, with the strongest possible recommendation that the occupier engages a competent person/persons to fully identify the cause and determine the remedy to the defect or situation. You must be careful not to pass any opinion as to the cause or remedy of such situations or defects. 

Examples of "immediate risk" would be: a gas leak, dangerously exposed live electrical conductors, structural components that are in imminent danger of collapse etc. 
You must then e-mail a report to us so that we can arrange for written confirmation of your verbal notification to be sent to the occupier in question. 
NB. You must ensure that you do not breach the confidentiality that we have promised the occupiers: if, in your opinion, the occupier is not able to comprehend the nature and seriousness of the problem, you must, without delay, report the circumstances to ECO Approach Ltd, who will then determine what action to take. 
UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you report any such matter to any third party, other than to the persons stipulated in the requirements of this paragraph.


Where ECO Approach Ltd act as an agent in placing the instruction for the completion of an EPC, EICR or other product, for facilitating this process we charge a booking fee that will be displayed on the statement we provide you each month. ECO Approach Ltd are responsible to taking and holding the payment for any service instructed and will disperse the funds accordingly only after receiving notification that the instruction has been successfully completed.


Payments to fieldworkers are paid within the first 14 days of each month for any works completed in the previous month. Note that unsatisfactory reports need to be uploaded within 5 days of the month end to allow enough time to be processed internally and the job be marked as complete. If an unsatisfactory report is uploaded within 5 days of the month end then it may not be processed internally until the following month which could result in a delay in payment until the month after.


When working on behalf of ECO Approach Ltd, you must ensure that you have the appropriate levels of insurance cover. Energy assessors will not be covered under a 'Pay per lodgement' policy through our corporate accounts with any accreditation board.


You agree for your provided contact information (Phone number and email address) to be shared with our clients in order to arrange and discuss their property services.

2 Insurance 

You must confirm that you hold professional Indemnity (PI) and Public Liability Insurance (PL) for undertaking the services you are registering for.

3 Issuing Instructions/Allocations/Equipment

We may from time to time accompany you on a survey in order to ensure standards are being maintained. 
All surveys we offer are specific to you, as the fieldworker named in this Contract, and under no circumstances are surveys to be offered or otherwise sub-contracted by you to any other party, including other fieldworkers with whom you may associated or who may be in your employ. In the case of you being temporarily or permanently unable to carry out our instructions within the time prescribed by this Contract, you must immediately notify us of this fact. In these cases, we reserve the right, as we see fit, to reallocate to other fieldworkers all outstanding surveys you still have, without any further liability to you on our part. 
Fees for undertaking Surveys are payable strictly in accordance with your agreed remuneration rate per rate including all disbursements. 
We undertake to pay you for all survey work within 15 days of the month end in which the surveys were carried out.

4 Non-Disclosure 

You must not disclose details of the findings of your inspection of the property and/or the contents of your report to any third party and, in this respect, your attention is drawn to the provisions of Appendix 1. 
During the course of your work for us, you must NOT give any advice to any third party on any matter (with the exception of where you, in your professional opinion, believe this may pose an imminent danger to life or limb e.g. a gas leak (see also the detail of paragraph 1.5.12, above)). If your advice or opinion is requested by a third party, you must tell that person to commission their own report from an appropriately qualified professional, this not being a person or organisation associated with you. You may not seek or accept any work with any third party, arising from your duties for us.

5 Commercial Confidentiality 

ECO Approach Ltd have had to develop training, forms, systems, procedures and Information Technology specifically for the Survey and you must maintain this in the strictest confidence. In furtherance of this, you will not disclose, pass on to any other persons (either verbally, electronically or in written form), or allow them to access, any of the systems, material or information that you use or observe whilst working on the survey. 
Usernames and passwords to the ECO Approach Ltd website and software shall not be disclosed to any other person. 
In the event that the requirement for strict confidentiality, contained in paragraph 5.1 is breached, ECO Approach Ltd will immediately terminate the Contract and reserve the right to take legal proceedings against offender(s) for breach of confidentiality, which may include a claim for damages against that person(s) and/or organisation involved. 
You may not use or duplicate for any purposes other than during your work for ECO Approach Ltd as a field worker, any forms, systems, procedures, Information Technology programs or any other materials (whether in an amended format or not), that have been produced by ECO Approach Ltd, and to which you may have had access whilst working for us as a field worker.

6 Quality Control 

We shall monitor the standard of reports that you prepare and the quality of service you provide to us. We will periodically feed back this information to you, to enable us to continuously raise the quality of assessments. In the case of serious and persistently low standards, the matter will be the subject of the procedures laid down in section 1 of the Contract, above. Every fieldworker's work will be subjected to a quality check, whereby a number of householders will be contacted by ECO Approach Ltd, by telephone, to verify the fieldworkers attendance at that address, their conduct and thoroughness of their work. 
At some point in the year you may be sent a written Questionnaire. This is to afford feedback to us of your experiences of the year's surveying. You will be required to fill-in the questionnaire in a legible manner, complete all questions to the best of your ability and return it to us promptly.

6.3 All certificates must be provided by fieldworkers in electronic format. No handwritten copies will be accepted.

7 Confidentiality and Data Protection 

7.1 You shall keep confidential and shall not disclose to any other person, company or body any information about us, which we have provided to you to enable you to undertake any survey for us. 
You shall at all times comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998 and all future amendments and re-enactments thereof. 
In undertaking Surveys on our behalf you acknowledge that you will have access to Personal Data as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998 and are acting as a "Data Processor" in carrying out Surveys. You agree that: 
You will only process the Personal Data for the purpose of complying with your obligations under this Agreement. 
You will not retain any copy, abstract, summary or précis of the whole or any part of such Personal Data or disclose to any person such Personal Data. 
You also agree to put in place appropriate technical and organisational security measures to safeguard the Personal Data against unauthorised or unlawful processing and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to data. When implementing and updating security measures, you shall have regard to the sensitive nature of the personal data contained within the Personal Data and the substantial harm which would result from unauthorised or unlawful processing or accidental loss of or destruction of or damage to such Personal Data; and the state of technological development and the cost of implementing such measures. 
You will on demand deliver to us all documents and digital media which may be in your possession (including documents prepared by us) which may include Personal Data. 
You will indemnify us in respect of any and all claims or proceedings in respect of any breach of clauses 7.1 - 7.6, inclusive, of this Agreement provided that such breach was due to your act or omission. 
The provisions set out above, relating to Confidentiality and Data Protection will survive any termination of your appointment to our fieldworkers panel.

8 Complaints 

We require you to notify us immediately of any complaint from any party, which you receive whilst carrying out or attempting to carry out our instructions. 
Having notified us of the complaint, you shall co-operate with us in any way we may reasonably require, in order to resolve the complaint. 
All complaints will be investigated in accordance with our Complaints Procedure, which is incorporated in this contract under Appendix 3. 
In the case of a serious complaint made against you, we may suspend your appointment, at any time, ending investigation of any complaint or alleged misconduct, in accordance with our Complaints Procedure. If this happens, you will be immediately notified of the suspension under this section of the Contract, but not necessarily the reasons for it, until such time that the investigation by us is completed.

9 Disputes 

If any dispute arises out of these Terms and Conditions, both parties will endeavour to resolve the dispute within 21 days. In the event that we are unable to resolve the dispute within this period both parties agree to pay an equal proportion of the costs and to refer the issue to the fieldworkers and Valuers' Arbitration Scheme operated by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, 24 Angel Gate, City Road, London EC1V 2RS from whom details of the scheme may be obtained. 
These Terms and Conditions of Appointment are between you and us only and are not intended to give any rights or benefits to any other person(s) and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are excluded.

10 Termination 

This agreement can be terminated if you 
Commit a breach of any of your obligations under this Agreement; 
Become bankrupt, or make a composition or arrangement with your creditors for the voluntary arrangements for a composition of debt 
If your appointment is terminated as provided for in 10.1 or 10.2, ECO Approach Ltd shall: 
Cease to be under any obligation to make further payment until the amount of the costs, loss and/or damage resulting from or arising out of the termination of the appointment have been calculated; 
Be entitled to employ and pay other persons to provide and complete provision of the Services or any part thereof; 
Following the reconciliation in 10.3.1, pay to you any balance shown as due to you, after deduction of any sums included within 10.3.1 and/or 10.3.2


Attempt to supply your services to any PropCert client directly without prior approval in writing from PropCert management. In this event you will immediately be removed from our network and may be subject to court action to recover any damages.


11 Health and Safety 

You shall comply, at all times, with instructions and guidance, either written or verbal, given by ECO Approach Ltd and intended to ensure either your own safety or the safety of others with whom you may come into contact during your duties as a field worker. You must also take cognisance of the Risk Assessment, and Health and Safety instructions and guidance given in Appendix 4 to this document. Failure to comply with these requirements may render you liable to instant dismissal, legal proceedings, or both.

12 Control of fieldworkers

ECO Approach Ltd shall, monitor your performance and the quality of your work. In these matters, they shall contact you and, if necessary, direct you accordingly. 
If at any stage, ECO Approach Ltd has reason to believe that you need to be suspended for serious acts or omissions or gross breaches of the provisions of this Contract, they shall be entitled to do so with immediate effect, pending further investigations under the provisions detailed elsewhere in this Contract. 
For your part, you shall inform ECO Approach Ltd, promptly and in writing, any instances of activity or omission on the part of ECO Approach Ltd, which prevent or hinder you from complying with this Agreement. 
Individual identification, specific to work carried out as a field worker, will be supplied to you by ECO Approach Ltd and you shall ensure that you wear this at all times whilst engaged on the survey. You must not wear any other form of identification, either corporate or personal, whilst engaged in the provision of services to ECO Approach Ltd. You must not use this identification for any other purpose, other than when engaged on your legitimate duties under this Contract. 
You shall be properly and presentably dressed at all times whilst engaged in the provision of services under this Contract.

13. Complaints Procedure 


If you want to make a complaint, we will deal with it speedily and fairly. We will: Acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receipt and try and resolve your complaint fully within 4 weeks of receipt. If there are valid reasons for consideration of the complaint taking longer, we will keep you fully informed in writing or via telephone or email as you prefer and you will receive a response at the very latest within 8 weeks.


If you are unhappy with our final resolution of your complaint then we recommend you approach The Citizens Advice, Trading Standards or seek independent advice. Complaints should be sent to: ECO Approach Ltd, Provident House, Burrell Row, Beckenham, BR3 1AT Phone: 020 3397 8220 Email: hello@propcert.co.uk



Verified Service Provided

All of our property professionals are members of the relevant trade accreditation scheme.