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Air Pressure Testing

Air Pressure Testing for Residential and Commercial Builds

Air Pressure Testing or Air Tightness Testing or Air Permeability Testing measures the amount of air uncontrollably escaping through gaps in a building’s fabric. It is a critical step in maintaining energy efficiency.

Having a sufficiently airtight building ensures you follow regulation and save you money in the long run. 

We are certified by the Air Tightness Testing and Measurement Association or ATTMA to conduct air pressure tests on residential and commercial properties.

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Testing Process

Air Pressure Testing is usually performed near the completion phase of a commercial or residential development. This is because the results’ success or failure will depend on the Standard Assessment Procedure or SAP calculations done in the planning stage for dwellings or on the Simplified Building Energy Model or SBEM calculations for commercial buildings.

To ensure the quality of the tests, we conduct site inspections at different stages of the building’s development. During testing, we use smoke to pinpoint air leakage paths. We share our findings with your construction team for the necessary adjustments to be implemented.

Reasons for testing

From an economic standpoint, a building that allows air to escape is not energy-efficient and therefore will cost more to maintain its temperature. In terms of comfort, escaping air causes cold draughts and heat loss.

Air pressure testing can identify problematic areas so you can make sure to employ solutions before the building is in use.

Additionally, air pressure testing is a requirement stated in the Building Regulations. It has been mandatory for all residential and commercial developments since 2006 in Wales, Northern Ireland, and England, and since 2010 in Scotland.

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