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Commercial Emergency Light Testing

Commercial Emergency Light Testing

Our specialized emergency light testing services are tailored to keep your tenants secure and your residential or commercial properties in full legal compliance.

We offer a holistic approach, including remedial work if deficiencies are identified during the testing process.

Our testing protocols cover a spectrum of crucial areas, ensuring a robust safety framework for your property.

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What is covered in the emergency light test?

  • Escape Route and Open Area Lighting:

We assess and test emergency lighting along designated escape routes and open areas. These zones are pivotal during evacuations. Our testing ensures that illumination is optimal to guide occupants safely to exits.

  • High-Risk Area Lighting:

Our testing protocol includes a thorough examination of emergency lighting in high-risk zones, ensuring that adequate illumination is maintained.

  • Safety Lighting:

Safety lighting is a cornerstone of emergency preparedness. Our testing focuses on evaluating the effectiveness of safety lighting systems so they activate during power outages or emergency situations.

  • Non-Maintained Lighting:

We assess these lighting systems to guarantee they activate as intended during power failures, providing essential illumination when needed.

  • Maintained Lighting:

Our goal is to ensure that maintained lighting remains operational for extended durations, enhancing safety during prolonged emergency situations.

Stay safe and compliant

Whether for residential or commercial properties, our emergency light testing services are tailored to meet the highest standards, ensuring the safety of occupants and legal adherence.

Contact us to elevate the safety of your property and keep occupants safe.

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