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Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates

Display energy certificates – DECs aim to raise public awareness of energy use and to let visitors to public buildings know about energy use of a building.

DECs rate the building from A to G, with A being very efficient and G the least efficient. The rating is based on the amount of energy used by the building over 12 months.

An affected organisation must display a DEC so it visible to the public. The advisory report must also be accessible.

The advisory report has recommendations for improving the buildings energy performance.

cheltenham historic building

Who requires a DEC?

Lower Farm Academy

A DEC and advisory report are needed for buildings with a total useful floor area over 250m 2. The building must be occupied in whole or part by public authorities and frequently visited by the public.

For example:

  • Schools
  • Universities
  • NHS dental surgeries
  • NHS surgeries
  • Hospitals

Only buildings meeting the criteria above are affected by this legislation.

Private organisations, including those sharing a building with a relevant institution, don’t need to display a DEC, but many do voluntary.

What happens during a DEC assessment?

An assessor does a visual inspection. They collect 12 months worth of bills from the occupier. This includes the following; gas fuels, oil fuels, solid fuels, district heating and cooling, grid electricity and electricity generated on site or obtained by private distribution systems from other sites.

For the first  DEC and advisory report, the energy assessor must visit the site. Subsequent reports can be based on previous knowledge of the building, provided that:

  • The same assessor is used;
  • A declaration that nothing has changed is provided by the occupant.
  • The DEC and advisory report must be lodged on the national register and given a unique certificate reference number. The national register is operated by Landmark
bedfordshire historic landmark building
basildon park

How long does a DEC last for?

If a building has a total useful floor area over 1,000m², the DEC is valid for 12 months.

The accompanying advisory report is valid for 7 years.

If a building has a total useful floor area of between 250m² and 1000m², a DEC and advisory report are valid for 10 years.

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