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Part O Calcs Assessments

Part O applies to all new residential buildings in England & Wales. It includes dwellings and institutional buildings where people sleep on the premises and multi-use residential buildings.

Our expert team can assess your properties and give you a report for building control so you can demonstrate Part O compliance.

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How are Part O Calcs surveys conducted?

Part O Calcs cover the following key aspects: 

  • Insulation: Part O often includes requirements for thermal insulation in buildings such as walls, roofs, floors, and windows. It aims to limit heat loss and enhance energy efficiency.
  • Air Tightness: Buildings should be constructed to minimize air leakage. Air permeability tests may be required to demonstrate compliance.
  • Heating and Cooling Systems: Regulations may specify efficiency standards for heating and cooling systems, including boilers, heat pumps, and air conditioning units. 
  • Ventilation: Part O may include requirements for the provision of ventilation in buildings while considering energy efficiency.
  • Renewable Energy Sources: The regulations may encourage or mandate  renewable energy technologies to reduce reliance on non-renewable energy sources.
  • Lighting: Part O may include provisions related to energy-efficient lighting systems, promoting the use of technologies such as LED lighting and lighting controls.
  • Building Services: Regulations may address the energy performance of various building services, including hot water systems, pumps, and other components.
  • Conservation Measures: Part O may require the implementation of measures that contribute to overall energy conservation, such as the use of energy-efficient appliances and controls.

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It’s important for architects, builders, and property owners to be familiar with the specific requirements outlined in Part O of the Building Regulations

This will help ensure compliance during the design, construction, and renovation of buildings.

To keep up to date with regulations it’s advisable to book a consultation with us. We will be able to make sure the latest version are followed so you remain complaint.

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