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Get a Domestic EPC for your property

An Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, is a legal requirement for property owners looking to let or sell their properties.

If you need a domestic EPC, we have assessors nationwide ready to inspect and assess your property. We pride ourselves on providing you with a fast, friendly and professional service. 

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When is a domestic EPC needed?


The Energy Performance Certificate, commonly known as an EPC, was created in August 2007. It  brought the United Kingdom into compliance with the EU Directive on building energy performance. Despite the UK not being a member of the EU, the EPC programme continues and has expanded to include three types of certificates: 

  • Domestic EPCs
  • Commercial EPCs 
  • Display Energy Certificate, or DEC.

When a single-family home is rented or sold a Domestic Energy Performance Certificate is required. Some listed structures, temporary buildings that will not be used for more than two years and holiday accommodations that are let out for less than four months per year are the sole exceptions to the EPC requirement.

Why do I need a Domestic EPC?

Property owners may ask why they need an Energy Performance Certificate. The answer is because it’s a legal necessity. The EPC is designed to provide renters and buyers information about the properties they are moving into.

Buying a house is expensive and discovering you may have to spend more to improve its energy efficiency can be an unwelcome surprise. Also renters don’t want to rent a home and find out its energy costs are high due being energy inefficient.

Before signing a contract potential renters or buyers are better informed about the property with the Domestic EPC. A strong EPC rating can be a great asset for attracting potential home buyers and tenants who might otherwise overlook a property.

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What is a good EPC rating?

The energy efficiency rating is expressed in two ways: firstly, as a letter grade (A-G, with A being the best and G being the worst), and secondly, as a numerical grade ranging from 1-100, with 100 being the best.

The majority of properties obtain a D grade and a rating of between 55-65. If your property is rated better grade than a D-60, your property is more energy efficient than the average UK home.

What happens during a Domestic EPC?

The assessor inspects and photographs various energy-related components of the house, such as windows, environmental controls, the boiler, radiators, and anything else they feel significant in most circumstances.

They then input their findings into an approved software programme that  computes your Energy Performance Score. 

You should receive the score as well as a report on the property’s performance (along with advice for how to enhance performance) shortly after.

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Do I need to prepare for a Domestic EPC?

The assessor will have access to all of the information that goes into your EPC rating. Radiators, windows, light fixtures, the heating system, and environmental controls are all included. If there is any furniture or anything else limiting access it’s best to clear them out of the way.

You should also ensure that you have all required paperwork to show the assessor. The energy assessor will not remove flooring or drilling holes in your drywall to inspect your insulation. Instead, they look at the house’s age and condition and make conclusions based on these.

If you have paperwork proving you improved the insulation, installed new windows, or an energy-efficient boiler recently show the assessor. These documents can increase your EPC rating.

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EPC and Floorplan bundle

Many customers get a Floorplan alongside their EPC. Our assessors can do both in one visit. Save time and money by combining services. Click below for more information.

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Since 2010, we have been providing you with EPCs, EICRs, CP12s and lots more. Experience our ‘Excellent’ rated, fast and friendly, hassle-free service today. We’ll help take the stress out of getting certified.

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