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Inventory Reports

Inventory Reports

Our comprehensive Inventory Report documents the state of your property, covering all aspects, from fixtures to furnishings.

High-resolution photographs of every room, outdoor spaces, and any specific areas —like valuable items or damages—provide a detailed visual record.

Additionally, meter readings, keys, and cleanliness are documented so a thorough evaluation of the property’s condition is reported.

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Check-in Reports

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The Check-In Analysis is designed to create a smooth transition for tenants. Our inventory specialist guides the tenant through the Inventory Report item by item, discussing each aspect in detail. Both parties then sign the Check-In document, confirming the accuracy of the inventory records.

This step also provides the tenant with an opportunity to address any concerns or pressing issues, fostering a strong landlord-tenant relationship from the outset.

Why not combine both reports?

At PropCert, we offer a convenient, cost-effective option to merge the Inventory Report and Check-In service into a single appointment.

This streamlined approach saves you time and money while still maintaining the same level of detail and accuracy.

By choosing this option, clients receive a discounted rate without compromising on quality.

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Why PropCert?

Since 2010, we have been providing you with EPCs, EICRs, CP12s and lots more. Experience our ‘Excellent’ rated, fast and friendly, hassle-free service today. We’ll help take the stress out of getting certified.

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