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EICRs in Birmingham

Get an EICR for your Birmingham property

The Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR, is one way to secure the safety of a property. It is a detailed account of an electrician’s inspection of a property’s electrical systems, covering wirings, fuse boards, and other electrical accessories. 

A satisfactory EICR means the installation is free from issues that may result in harm for residents and employees. Many property owners and managers commission inspections for this reason.

If you need to get an EICR for your Birmingham property, PropCert electricians can help you.

We can complete this process in as fast as three days.

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EICR inspections in Birmingham

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During EICR inspections, electricians go through wirings, fuse boards, and other electrical accessories in your system. They determine whether these components are functioning properly. If issues are identified, electricians will assess if they pose a risk to the people living or working in the property.

A C1 rating is given to installations with immediate risks to people. This is an unsatisfactory grade in the report. At times, the electrician conducting the inspection may need to deal with the issue themselves to reduce the risk.

A C2 rating means there are dangers present but not as risky or immediate as a C1. The issues here need to be dealt with as soon as possible, too.

When a C3 rating is given, the installation needs some fixes to keep with regulations but there are no issues dangerous enough to merit urgent action. The report may still get a satisfactory grade even with a C3 rating.

A rating of F1 simply means further investigation is needed and that the information gathered at the moment is not yet sufficient to make a conclusion.

EICRs for Birmingham Landlords

There are several reasons to get an EICR for your property. Some property types make it a requirement. For landlords, the new legislation, the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020, states they must give their tenants copies of satisfactory reports.

The EICR also gives property owners and residents peace of mind knowing their installations are still functioning correctly and pose no threats.

We can help you obtain domestic and commercial EICRs in Birmingham. Our turnaround time of 3.5 days is one of the best in the industry. We understand the urgency of these matters and we respond to your call as soon as possible. Book now.

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