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A SAP or Standard Assessment Procedure calculation is a measure of the energy efficiency and CO2 emissions of a building. It is a requirement for new residential developments, conversions, and certain extensions. SAP is also used to generate the Energy Performance Certificate or EPC. If you’re planning to build dwellings, convert existing properties into dwellings, or expand and divide residential buildings, and you need a SAP EPC, Prop Cert’s well trained team of SAP energy assessors is here to help

Sap epc

Regulation Adherence

In the UK, up to seven fire incidents in a day can be attributed to faulty wires.

EICRs have five main purposes:

  • Report any damage to electrical wiring that might compromise safety
  • Find wires that don’t comply with IET Wiring Regulations
  • Report any problem that may cause electric shocks and high temperatures
  • Record the results of the assessment and ensure the electrical installations are safe to use until the next inspection
  • Make a recording of the current assessment for future use

Regulation Adherence

Calculation and Ratings

Our SAP assessors do not need to visit your property or construction site to conduct the necessary calculation. Because of this, we would need documents like your architect’s plans and construction specification details.

During the SAP calculation, factors like your floor plan, cross sections, elevations, materials, window measurements, wall and floor specifications, and more are taken into account. Once the calculation is completed, a rating from 1 to 100+ is generated. A rating of 1 means the building is extremely energy inefficient while a rating of over 100 means it exports excess regulated energy back to the power grid.

Higher ratings are attractive for buyers and renters because it means energy costs will be lower.

Receiving a less-than-desirable rating is not necessarily a cause for concern. Our assessments include recommendations for improvement. And since the building is likely in the planning stage, you can still make adjustments to get a better energy efficiency rating by the time construction finishes.

Calculation and Ratings

  • Code C1 (\'Danger Present\') - Anybody using the faulty installation is at risk. A repair must be performed as soon as possible. A qualified person must ensure the installation will be safe to use moving forward.
  • Code C2 (\'Potentially Dangerous\') - There is no immediate threat but the damage is likely to pose a threat in the future.
  • Code C3 (\'Improvement Recommended\') –The damage may not present an immediate or potential danger but would result in a significantly safer environment if remedied.

Examples of Code C1 include exposed live wires that are accessible to human touch and conductive parts that have become exposed.

Examples of Code C2 include the absence or a reliable earthing, and when a metallic pipe is used for flammable liquids like gases.

Examples of Code C3 include the absence of a \'Safety Electrical Connection - Do Not Remove\' sign, and socket outlets mounted incorrectly.

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SAP EPC is only one of the many requirements we have been helping clients with since 2010. Our experts work across the UK to deliver the most reliable and professional service, at the most competitive price. Our turnaround time of 3.5 days is industry leading and we are proud of it. Call us today to find out more about SAP calculations.


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