How Much Does an EICR Cost?

An electrical installation condition report (EICR) is produced following an inspection of a property’s electrics including wiring, sockets, and fuse box. Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or business owner, having an EICR carried out by a professional electrician ensures your property is safe for occupants.


How often should an EICR be conducted?

  • Domestic properties – every 10 years or change of occupancy
  • Businesses and Private Rented Sector – every 5 years or change of occupancy

Certain types of installations require more frequent electrical safety checks. For example, inspections should occur every 3 years for industrial installations and annually for hotels and restaurants.

EICR Price

How much does a full EICR cost?

EICR rates mainly depend on the following factors:

  • Location - Pricing varies throughout the UK. London, the South East areas, and places without local electricians usually have the highest rates.
  • Age of property – Older properties with outdated wiring will likely require longer and more expensive testing.
  • Size of property – The larger the property, the higher the costs. Larger properties have more electrical fixtures that can prolong the inspection.
  • Extent of inspection – Additional recommendations and remedial work will often incur higher expenses.

How Much Does An EICR Cost


Comprehensive and cost-efficient inspections

Securing an EICR is a reliable way to ensure your property is compliant with safety standards. If you are looking to improve the electrical safety in your home, rental premises, or commercial property, get in touch with Prop Cert today. Our qualified team of engineers are backed by industry leading technology to give you high quality EICR services at competitive rates.

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Commercial vs Domestic

Below are the average EICR costs for different-sized homes:

  • One Bed Flat: £120
  • Two Bed Flat: £120- £150
  • Three Bed Flat: £180- £210
  • One/Two Bed House: £150- £180
  • Three/Four Bed House: £200- £250
  • Five Bed House: £300

The rate for commercial properties also depends on size but expect to pay £15-20 per circuit tested, excluding VAT.

A commercial EICR will generally cost more than a residential report. This is because commercial properties are larger and have more complex installations than a standard home.

Cost of an EICR

A periodic inspection must be carried out when selling a previously owned house, or if the property is a house in multiple occupation (HMO).


If your EICR report reveals issues with your electrical system, the results will come out as “Unsatisfactory,” meaning there is remedial work to be done. The electrician will also provide a fixed price quotation for the remedial work. The electrician will indicate a code to specify the extent of the risk and the required action:



Danger present. Risk of injury.



Potentially dangerous.



Improvement recommended.



Further checks required without delay.

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