Obtain a Domestic EPC for your Property

Since April 2018, an Energy Performance Certificate, or EPC, has been a legal requirement for property owners looking to let or sell their properties. If you need a domestic EPC, Prop Cert has over 200 fully trained energy assessors ready to provide you fast and professional service.

Obtain a Domestic EPC for your Property

Why is a Domestic EPC important?

In the UK, up to seven fire incidents in a day can be attributed to faulty wires.

EICRs have five main purposes:

  • Report any damage to electrical wiring that might compromise safety
  • Find wires that don’t comply with IET Wiring Regulations
  • Report any problem that may cause electric shocks and high temperatures
  • Record the results of the assessment and ensure the electrical installations are safe to use until the next inspection
  • Make a recording of the current assessment for future use

Why is EICR important

What are inspected?

In an inspection, the electrician checks the following:

  • Electricity supply installations
  • Electrical fittings like visible wirings, light fixtures, electrical sockets and switches
  • Fixed electrical equipment like electric heaters (incl. panel and storage heaters), boilers, other heat-producing equipment

Any electrical installation that fails to pass the test must be replaced or repaired immediately to comply with safety standards.

The inspector may classify problematic installations either as Code C1, Code C2 or Code C3.

What are inspected

  • Code C1 (\'Danger Present\') - Anybody using the faulty installation is at risk. A repair must be performed as soon as possible. A qualified person must ensure the installation will be safe to use moving forward.
  • Code C2 (\'Potentially Dangerous\') - There is no immediate threat but the damage is likely to pose a threat in the future.
  • Code C3 (\'Improvement Recommended\') –The damage may not present an immediate or potential danger but would result in a significantly safer environment if remedied.

Examples of Code C1 include exposed live wires that are accessible to human touch and conductive parts that have become exposed.

Examples of Code C2 include the absence or a reliable earthing, and when a metallic pipe is used for flammable liquids like gases.

Examples of Code C3 include the absence of a \'Safety Electrical Connection - Do Not Remove\' sign, and socket outlets mounted incorrectly.

How long does an assessment take?

A typical EICR assessment takes approximately 1-4 hours, depending on the size of the property and problems encountered.

How often should EICRs be conducted?

The electrician will determine how frequent an EICR should be performed. For example, the standard inspection for a rental property should take place every five years, but the electrician can recommend inspection every three years if the electrics are old.

In general, inspection should be done every:

  • 10 years for a privately owned property
  • 5 years for a rental property
  • 5 years for a commercial property
  • 3 years for a caravan
  • 3 years for an industrial installation
  • 1 year for a swimming pool

How often should EICRs be conducted?

A periodic inspection must be carried out when selling a previously owned house, or if the property is a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

Rental properties require regular inspections

The law requires landlords to ensure their electrical installations are checked by a qualified person every five years.
Likewise, it is their responsibility to maintain the integrity of the installations throughout the tenant\'s stay
New regulations from the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector state:

  • By 1 July 2020, a landlord must give a tenant an accomplished EICR before their move-in date. The rules will apply only to new tenancies.
  • By 1 April 2021, a landlord must supply any current tenants with an EICR

Failure to comply with regulations can cost fees of up to £30,000

Rental properties require regular inspections

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