High Quality Boiler Servicing

Regular boiler servicing is essential to ensuring your unit is running safely and efficiently. During a boiler service, an engineer will visit your property and perform a series of safety and efficiency checks on your central heating system.

High Quality Boiler Servicing

Advantages of Servicing Your Boiler


A neglected boiler is more prone to leaks and safety issues. Boiler accidents like carbon monoxide leaks can lead to injury and even loss of life. They can also cause major structural damage to facilities and surrounding equipment.

Prevent breakdowns

Having your boiler checked will prolong its life and reduce the need for repairs. A qualified electrician can easily spot leaks, cracks, and damages before they escalate into bigger and more costly breakdowns.

Save money on your energy bills

A faulty boiler will require more fuel to operate properly which means higher energy bills. Regular maintenance will not only keep your boiler running efficiently, but also cut down your energy and repair costs significantly. 

Advantages of Servicing Your Boiler

What happens during a boiler service?

  • Visual inspection – Your engineer will start the inspection by identifying visible faults such as leaks and corrosion damage. 
  • Casing removal – Removing the case will let the engineer check major components and clean the inside of the boiler.
  • Flue check – A flue test will determine if the flue is installed properly and if the boiler is discharging any dangerous emissions.
  • Gas pressure check – The boiler will be assessed if it is running at the right gas pressure.
  • Boiler fired up – The engineer will also test your boiler’s actual working condition

What happens during a boiler service?

  • Code C1 (\'Danger Present\') - Anybody using the faulty installation is at risk. A repair must be performed as soon as possible. A qualified person must ensure the installation will be safe to use moving forward.
  • Code C2 (\'Potentially Dangerous\') - There is no immediate threat but the damage is likely to pose a threat in the future.
  • Code C3 (\'Improvement Recommended\') –The damage may not present an immediate or potential danger but would result in a significantly safer environment if remedied.

Examples of Code C1 include exposed live wires that are accessible to human touch and conductive parts that have become exposed.

Examples of Code C2 include the absence or a reliable earthing, and when a metallic pipe is used for flammable liquids like gases.

Examples of Code C3 include the absence of a \'Safety Electrical Connection - Do Not Remove\' sign, and socket outlets mounted incorrectly.

How often should I service my boiler?

Any residential rental property that has mains gas is required to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate every 12 months. All gas appliances including boilers, gas hobs, and gas fires will be inspected.

If you sense that your boiler is exhibiting signs of wear and tear, contact a qualified engineer immediately even if the annual service is not yet due.

Why choose Prop Cert for your boiler service?

Our wide network of gas engineers takes extra care in carrying out fast and affordable servicing for all types of boilers. Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive complete results at the quickest time possible.

To book your boiler service now, give us a call on 0203 397 8220.

Why choose Prop Cert for your boiler service?

A periodic inspection must be carried out when selling a previously owned house, or if the property is a house in multiple occupation (HMO).

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