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Revealed – how technology can reduce energy bills

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Technology can play a vital part in the reduction of energy consumption and therefore significantly lower the overall cost of energy bills.

Properties that rely on smart technology alone may not result in a substantial drop in the overall cost of energy bills. Instead, implementing smart technology along with property improvements such as boiler upgrades will achieve the most long-term savings.

Here at Propcert, we understand that there are many ways to boost the energy efficiency of a property and reduce energy use and some of the most cost-effective and easiest to integrate methods involve smart technology.

Invest in appliances that cut down the cost

Smart appliances may cost more than regular appliances, but the additional features that support eco-friendly lifestyles ultimately help reduce the cost of energy bills. They may be worth the investment for those hoping to cut down costs in the long term.

The amount of savings that are made will vary depending on a variety of factors. These often include the efficiency of the appliances, time spent using the appliances and the tarif.

With smart technology so integrated into everyday life, some properties provided by large commercial landlords and housing providers may already use some of these technologies. However, occupiers in the home may not know how to use the features.

By investing in appliances that help cut down energy use and briefing tenants and occupiers about how to make use of these features, bills can be reduced.

Make use of applications

Smart appliances often come with applications that can be used on phones and other devices.

These help to make the person occupying the property more in control of the amount of energy that is being used.

People often burn too much energy because they are unaware of how much they are using. By tracking this with accurate applications, less energy is wasted.

Many experts recommend that devices are connected to thermostats for greater control. Energy experts at uSwitch claim that £80 per year could be cut from a domestic heating bill by turning the thermostat down just one degree.

Applications that are dedicated to timing help users understand how much time they spend doing tasks that use up energy, such as using the heater, and help keep the cost down.

Simply downloading the application from the energy provider could also help to cut bills. Most energy companies also provide an application that can provide more details about monthly usage and costs.

Smart technology is being integrated on a grand scale

The Government continues to support plans that use technology to help reduce energy consumption and costs while protecting the environment.

The Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan, outlined last year by the Government and Ofgem, sets out a vision, analysis and suite of policies to drive a net zero energy system.

It states: “Smart technologies and flexibility are essential to integrating low carbon power, heat and transport onto the system.”

These processes all rely on smart technology and are described as having the ability to reduce the costs of managing the system by up to £10 billion a year by 2050.

Commercial landlords and housing associations that invest in smart technology enable people occupying the properties to become more aware of the amount of energy they are using. This should result in less waste and more affordable bills.

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