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Good news for landlords – spring is the strongest season to let

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Spring is typically the time of the year when the property market accelerates. Many people look forward to spending more time in their gardens and welcoming guests into their homes as they prepare for summer.

New statistics from Rightmove Rightmove report that spring 2022 could be the ‘best ever spring’ for sellers as experts forecast the average price of a home to increase by 1.7% – which could be of interest to those landlords who are looking to sell some or all of their portfolio.

But for the many who will stay and take advantage of the UK’s booming lettings sector, there are many opportunities for UK landlords to make the most of spring this year.

Here, we analyse why spring is the strongest season to let and share upgrades to the home that can be made to help stand above the competition.

Check the electrics

During the spring, people enjoy entertaining guests outdoors because of the warmer weather. Having a power cut or being in danger is not on anyone’s wish list this spring, so ensure that the appropriate checks are done beforehand.

Getting appliances and electrics checked can help save tenants hassle so they can spend time entertaining rather than resolving issues with their homes.

The Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020 states that every five years all fixed electrical installations must be is inspected and tested by professionals.

By abiding by these rules, landlords can keep tenants safe throughout spring.

Declutter and refurbish the home

After months of cold weather and neglecting outdoor spaces, it is likely that unnecessary goods have been accumulated and sometimes stored in spare rooms. .

During the spring, the days are longer and brighter. The sunshine can shed light on flaws and clutter within the home so refurbishing areas of the home that need work can help you make the most of the higher levels of demand. .

Decluttering the home by binning or selling unnecessary goods can be done easily. During this process, it will also be easy to discover which rooms have been neglected and need refurbishing. 


Refurbishing the home does not need to be expensive as it can simply involve utilising and improving existing parts of the property. .

Statistics show Statistics show that a conservatory can add roughly 7% in value to your home. With many people making more use of their gardens and outdoor space during warmer weather, conservatories are even more likely to add value to any home during spring. .

If a conservatory is already part of the home, but has been underutilised during cooler months, it could be refurbished to boost kerb appeal.

Let the light and fresh air in

Natural light can highlight the beauty of a home during spring. In addition to this, rooms often seem more spacious when enough light is bouncing around.

Roof windows are a spring-appropriate home feature that could let more light into the home.

If this installation is not within the budget, perhaps consider moving around furniture or adjusting the placement of mirrors so that light around the home is boosted.

As the weather heats up, condensation and mould can appear because of too little or poor ventilation. It is not worth letting this issue ruin your chances of letting a home.

Check ventilation

By getting Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery (MHVR) systems and intermittent extractor fans checked, condensation and mould can be avoided.

By effectively preparing their home, landlords can put themselves in the best position to secure new tenants during spring.

PropCert has fully qualified professionals that can complete MHVR Systems and intermittent extractor fans checks. Our electricians also provide EICRs checks too so do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any of these services.

The company was established in 2010 to meet the various requirements for the private and public sector. If you need any of the many services that PropCert can offer, you can discover more about us here.


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