About Us

Committed to providing a 5 star service


What we offer

We are a nationwide provider of property services. With a head office in Beckenham, south London and a northern office in Preston, we manage a UK wide network of energy assessors, electricians, gas engineers and property professionals.

Propcert was established in 2010 to meet the demand for EPCs in the private and public sector. We have evolved into providing other services as we have grown. Our services include Energy Performance Certificates, Electrical Installation Condition Reports, Asbestos Surveys, Fire Risk Assessments and more. For a full list of services click here .


Our Customers

Our clients come from a range of industries. We work with many estate agents, housing associations and local councils providing EPCs, EICRs and a number of other services, often in high volume. We also serve homeowners and small businesses through our partner B2C site www.energyperformancecertificates.co.uk.

By working with homeowners and small businesses, as well as larger companies, we take advantage of economies of scale and can provide our services at the most competitive price.


Our Service

Our average turnaround time from date of order to receiving your completed property report is 3.5 working days, which is industry leading. We deliver time and time again with long term reliability as our main concern. We also understand how important it is that all parties are clear of the procedure every step in the process. That’s why our automated SMS/email system keeps everyone updated with text messages and emails following a simple process. A large proportion of our field workers have worked with the company since 2010 when we were formed and are the core in our business ethics and goals.

Step - 01 Order placed and field worker instructed. – Text message and email sent to client and householder

Step - 02 Field worker makes appoinmtent with occupant. – When an appointment date is added, text message and email sent to client and householder

Step - 03 When any case notes are added to the order – Email sent to the client.

Step - 04 When the property report is completed. – Email sent to the client.


Verified Service Provided

All of our property professionals are members of the relevant trade accreditation scheme.