Boiler Servicing in Bristol

If you require experienced, reliable, and trusted boiler servicing in Bristol, PropCert is the solution for you. During your servicing, an experienced engineer will come to your property to conduct safety and efficiency checks to ensure your central heating is functioning properly.


Advantages of Servicing Your Boiler


Untreated boilers are more likely to experience safety and leakage issues. What’s more, boiler accidents such as carbon monoxide leaks could cause injury or even death. They might even lead to significant structural damage to the facilities and equipment around them.

Prevent Breakdowns

Your boiler’s life expectancy will be extended if it is checked regularly. An electrician can spot any leaks, cracks, or damages and fix them before they become more expensive or dangerous.

Save Money on Your Energy Bills

A boiler that is not working properly will use more fuel. When this happens, it can quickly lead to higher energy bills. With regular maintenance, you can keep your boiler in good condition and reduce your repair and energy costs.

Boiler Service Bristol

What Happens during a Boiler Service?

Visual Inspection: The inspection will begin with the engineer identifying any visible defects, such as corrosion damage and leaks.

Casing Removal: The engineer can inspect major components and clean the boiler’s interior by removing the case.

Flue Check: A flue test can determine whether the flue has been installed correctly and if any harmful emissions are being released from the boiler.

Gas Pressure Check: If the boiler is operating at the correct gas pressure, it will be evaluated.

Boiler Fired Up: Your status and condition of your boiler will be checked by the engineer.

Boiler Servicing Bristol

Why Choose PropCert for Your Boiler Service?

At PropCert, we employ an expansive network of gas engineers. When you enlist our services, you can trust that they will provide fast, efficient, and affordable servicing for all boiler types. We strive to make sure our customers receive detailed results in a timely manner.

If you need boiler servicing in Bristol, please contact us on 0203 397 8220 today.


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